Kverneland different way of spraying: 25cm nozzle distance

Keep accuracy by applying optimal droplets for optimal coverage in combination with lower drift and higher working speed.

Kverneland different way of spraying: 25cm nozzle distance

The complete Kverneland HSS steel spray boom range comes as standard with 50cm nozzle spacing. Additional nozzle holders can be added to the boom now to create 25cm nozzle distance. The 25cm nozzles distance is required by legislation and confirmed as a low drift technology in a limited number of countries.

Integrated in the HSS steel boom

Improved crop coverage and reduced drift reduction
The 25cm nozzle distance will improve the crop coverage and drift reduction, as it is possible to spray closer to the target area at 30cm spray height, by keeping an accurate distribution of spray liquid at the correct level with the correct droplet size.

Increase spray window
Easy switching from 50 to 25cm nozzle distance means more flexibility during spraying and it creates more time to spray in optimal conditions. In addition, the weather has less of an effect. It is easy to change from 50 to 25 cm nozzle distance or the other way around.

The 25cm nozzle distance is an optional add on, on top of the standard 50cm nozzle distance for all spray line systems (central sections, iXflow-Air and iXflow-E). Even it is possible as retrofit.

Spraying on 25cm

Spraying on 50cm