SpotSpray to Increase Environmental Protection

Kverneland is now going one step further with the SpotSpray application on every Kverneland sprayer with iXspray software, which is based on prescription maps with zero application rates. 

SpotSpray to Increase Environmental Protection

Based on a predefined prescription map the sprayer shuts on and off in combination with the SpotSpray application. This is done based on the predefined sections in the control terminal and can be done in combination with iXflow-Air or iXflow-E, but even with normal section valves on the sprayer. Only designated spots are sprayed, which is particularly helpful when targeting weed spots, thistles, wet areas, non-germinated areas and areas with soil problems.

With SpotSpray you can target a specific area in a big field that you want to spray or certain spots you do not want to spray. And can be used by any-one who wants to do precision farming. Not only high-end farmers and contractors, but also small family farms or extremely specialised farms.

With SpotSpray costs can be saved by reducing the spray liquid to be used and preserving healthy crops from unnecessary treatment. This also means less crop damage. Another benefit is that, based on the area of the spots in the VRA map, it is easy to see exactly how much spray liquid is required in the sprayer. Capacity is also increased as more hectares or fields can be covered with one tank of spray liquid.

With a small investment in the SpotSpray license on Kverneland sprayers with iXspray software, the return on investment is high, due to saving time and money. The standard software even allows a 10-hour trial period to test out how it works. With this, spot spraying becomes accessible for all famers and contractors.