Fully convinced about ISOBUS Technology

At the beginning of the 21st century, ISOBUS was the first step towards an innovation battle in the agribusiness. The objective was to achieve compatibility and standardisation between tractors and implements. The uniform ISOBUS language enables standardised communication between the different tractors and machinery. And that brings multiple benefits. One benefit is that you no longer need a separate terminal for each machine; you can use one terminal for several machines. This means that you can immediately connect the machines ‘plug-and-play’ to an ISOBUS tractor. Using its control and operating settings, the terminal brings the implement automatically into view.

Standardisation of the control settings, a better overview in the cabin, a simpler connection between tractors and implements are just some of the advantages, not to mention the cost savings when using several ISOBUS implements. ISOBUS communication is especially suitable for farmers who sow, spray or spread, or for machines that provide the owner with a great deal of management information.